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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sentence for murder in south africa. but the judge has clearly found some compelling reasons to be more lenient. oscar pistorius sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. >> erika, thank you. it is 5:00 a.m. now. good morning everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check on the forecast. it's a hot and humid one. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has the weather headlines. >> absolutely right. weather will have a moderate impact on europe outdoor plans today. code orange today is the air quality index. bad air quality, you need to reduce outdoor activities today. take your shade breaks today. already mid-70s in washington. 77 in annapolis and 75 in quantico. off to a quiet start this morning. heat index values near 100 degrees this afternoon. rain chances down near
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today. today and tomorrow, both, the heat is on. not much of a rain chance today. better chance for tomorrow. more about that and beach forecast coming up in ten minutes. for now, let's go over to jack taylor at wtov and find out how things are going in prince george's county. >> it's a painting project going northbound as traffic moves from left to right on the -- right to left, excuse me. traffic on 202 getting by single file left on the northbound side. you see the vehicles getting through there. can only get one lane to get through. not a big delay so far this morning. be aware it's out there. >> on the rock creek parkway, crews are working until 6:00. traffic gets by one direction at a time. also, this is the first morning of the continuous metro work along the blue and yellow lines. it will be shut down for the first morning between braddock road and national airport. >> jack, thank you. metro officials are starting their first morning rush of the next phase of their
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program. the emergency maintenance officially began at 8:00 last night. but we could see its real impact over the next few hours. metro is urging riders to carpool or find another way to get to work today. >> the concern is that northern virginia is already notorious traffic could get worse. >> ladies and gentlemen, service to -- continuation to the blue and yellow lines. >> metro workers will be out again in yellow vests this morning districting riders to where they need to go. extra shuttle buses will be on hand to offset the route changes here. blue and yellow line trains will not run between reagan national airport and braddock road until next week. you can expect delays around the roosevelt bridge. v-dot will do inspections through friday. they will focus on the bridge itself and the ramps leading up to it. the inspections shouldn't start until after rush hour, 10:00 a.m. but done by 3:00 this afternoon. they return from the jul
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4th recess today. one thing not on the agenda is gun control legislation. four gun control measures were introduced in the senate last month but fell short of the 60 votes needed to move ahead in the legislative process. meanwhile, house democratic leaders will call for a vote on gun control today. this comes after dozens of local families march on capitol hill on tuesday. families of gun violence victims held a sit-in demanding congress take action on gun control legislation. six people were arrested house speaker paul ryan says ella lou a vote on a gun-related bill. that measure would allow the attorney general to to delay the sale of a gun to a suspected terrorist for three days. some democrats say it's not real gun control and will oppose it. in the day ahead, there will be a community meeting on alexandria's fourth homicide of the year. the shooting on first street last saturday killed 23-year-old hall. no one has been arrested the
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victim's mother told our bureau chief julie carey believes it's related to a murder. new video into the newsroom this morning of a high-speed chase in north carolina. you see it here. the suspect is wanted in our area. police say that's klein lawrence weaving in and out at 110 miles an hour. police eventually stopped and arrested him. he's wanted for stabbing a police officer at a grocery store last month. he's also wanted on strong arm robbery charges in prince george's county. it's now 5:04. turning to decision 2016. one day after the fbi's decision not to charge hillary clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state, the big question now is, did it help or hurt her chances for the white house? clinton did not mention it in her appearan
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but donald trump used it to attack her in raleigh. edward lawrence will have more on what it could mean in just a few minutes. maryland governor larry hogan will not attend the republican convention. instead, he will head to the 40th annual jay miller crab and clam bake in chrisfield. hogan has already said he will not be voting for donald trump. a water scare is developing at the u.s. capitol. house lawmakers and their staffs will be allowed to take free blood tests. doctors are looking to see whether elevated lead levels in the water are affecting anyone who works in the capitol. they shut down the water after tests showed lead levels slightly above national standards. in a few hours, we're expecting a major announcement about a product recall from the consumer product safety commission. we don't know what's being recalled, but we're told it's something that kids and adults use. once the announcement comes out
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we'll send an alert to your nbc washington app. new overnight, nobody waking up a multimillionaire in morning. that means you still have a shot at winning. >> six numbers. friday's jackpot could be $508 million. play on, america. >> that is half a billion dollars on the line in the next drawing. turns out, your odds of winning the mega millions, well, 1 in 259 million. you might remember the highest ever u.s. jackpot was a powerball prize of $1.6 billion. that was won back in jana cross three states. >> wow. nearly six months after that historic powerball jackpot, there are still three tickets worth $50,000. not claimed in virginia. >> that's a lot of monday. you have until tuesday to claim your prize. they were sold at a 7-eleven in morton at the la bodega supermarket and another one in coburn. we're standing by toee
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metro riders are faring as the thirds phase of the safetrack plan is well under way. new details about a student from the u.s. killed in rome who we just learned his family met with. >> you can see the sun starting to come up there. you're going to watch the air on -- want the air on full blast. the mercury is rising. a closer look at that
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get ready. we are going to have a heat wave in our area coming up. >> that's right. we sure are. temperatures in the mid-70s and the sun is not even up this morning. skies are partly cloudy. we'll have a fair amount of sunshine today. not much, if anything, in the way of a rain chance to cool things down. i'm forecasting 93 for a high today with a heat index up near 100 degrees. rain chances, if any, are below 20% and even there probably only southern maryland and the northern neck near the richmond area. not much of a rain chance
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our morning jog will be a sweaty one for sure. very muggy outside. at the pool today, good pool day. don't forget your spf. it's going to be a hot game today. drink extra water if you're spending time outside. good time to think about going to the beach. it will be warm but mostly dry at the beaches for friday, saturday into the weekend. we'll look at the weekend forecast in ten minutes. for now, it's time to go to jack taylor in a glass enclosed traffic center. >> chuck, thank you. rock creek parkway crews continue to work at the kennedy center. traffic down it one direction. paving project on 202 headed northbound at bright seat road. they should be wrapping up. they finish usually by 5:30 in the morning. fairway cones still in the roadway. also, this is morning number one of phase 3 metro's continuous work, blue and yellow line shut down between braddock
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national airport. >> there may be a serious crash. we'll keep you posted with more information coming up. >> jack, thank you. more on the latest phase of the safetrack just mentioned. starting to i am pangt morning riders. blue and yellow line users are affected. derrick ward is live at the braddock road metro station in alexandria. how are people dealing with the changes? >> reporter: it seems like they're able to deal with them. the folks that we've talked to today, they kind of know this is happening and taking in stride. it was a long line at that shuttle bus you see there. you see folks getting off to try to make the other one. there are a lot of people here from metro. a lot of signs and folks in yellow and blue metro regalia to let you know who to talk to and ask you any questions. for the next six days, the yellow and blue lines are essentially shut down between national airport and braddock road. there are shuttles between
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limited shuttle service between braddock road and national airport for airport customers. we actually talked to someone today who was riding that shuttle. >> walk down here to the metro and take it one stop down which is really nice. apparently it's closed. i'll hop on the bus here. hopefully, i should still make my flight on time. not too worried. >> reporter: there's also free metro service. those are the blue buses here. they will take you to braddock road, crystal city and pentagon city from this station here. essentially, what you need to know it is if you're riding a blue or yellow line, anywhere west of the plaza, expect crowds and delays for the next six days. live at braddock road, derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you, derrick. people are getting creative. these are bike trains, cycling advocates and volunteers will lead groups every day from the braddock road stations. for more ideas
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routes, open up our nbc washington app. we're following development in yemen where at least ten people are dead after a suicide bombing. soldiers and militants are fighting in that area, we understand. it's not clear who is behind this attack. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. there are more details into the arrest of a former national guardsman who staged a ft. hood style attack. mohamed jalloh made an appearance on tuesday. he's accused of trying to buy a gun without proper i.d. as a chantilly store. when he returned the next day, the store sold him a disabled gun after talking with the fbi. >> from my understanding, he was very calm, no issues. >> according to court documents, jalloh unknowingly met with an fbi informant this spring after he thought they were an isis supporter. authorities say he l
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to lectures by a former al qaeda leader. he's back in court next tuesday. rescue efforts still under way in north china where more than a dozen miners are trapped. this has been going on since this weekend. first, the coal mine flooded and now we're learning a fire has further trapped the miners that were nearly free. emergency officials are working as fast as they can to free these individual who have now been without food for several days. we'll be watching the situation right here from the live desk. back to you. >> erika, thank you. it's 5:15 now. a developing story. pope francis is meeting with the parents of a 19-year-old american college student killed in rome. police believe that solomon was robbed walking to a riverbank under a bridge and got into a fight with a homeless man over the weekend. that man is now under arrest on suspicion of aggravated homicide. police say the suspect pushed solomon into the river. the wisconsin native arr
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his murder. >> the credit card company realized that thousands of dollars had been charged on his card. an amazing kid. when he grows up he want to be a politician. >> solomon's bo was found in the river on monday. thousands of dollars as his brother were said were charged to his credit card after his death. it's now 5:16. we expect a verdict today in the vatican's controversial trial hoefer release of confidential information. two journalists are accused of having published books about this. the nflgs is based in part on confidential vatican documents. time is running out to find a victim of the devastating floods in west virginia. search crews have not found a 14-year-old girl even though they've been searching nonstop. >> eight hours a day for eight days straight. 64 hours working time on a bloodhound is tremendous. everybody is wore out. we'real
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the entire team is wore out. but we don't want to give up. >> the missing girl's name is michaela phillips. rescuers were trying to save her along with her two siblings when a cord snapped and they were separated. as you heard there, it's been eight days since she went missing. it's known that unsaturated fats are good for you. now, new research shows that replacing butter in fat with plant-based oils like canola could lead to a longer life. a study followed the people for more than three decades and found those who ate more food with trans and saturated fat had a higher death rate. premature babies might not be getting the life-saving care they need. research done across 11 countries found that only 58% of preemies received proper care. researchers say better care could reduce their death by 18%. four members of the washington nationals are allstath
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night. all-star selections ties a record. bryce harper was voted in by the fans. no surprise there. he'll start in right field. steve strasburg had a chance. 11 wins and 0 loss this is year. second baseman, daniel murphy who had a crazy awesome year. catcher wilson ramos, wilson. are chosen. murphy lost by 88 votes out of more than 2 million. a lot of people were hoping that danny he is pespinosa would get after that grand slam. >> well represented. >> i started my life as a marlins fan. >> i know. i do remember. back when you were young. >> i feel a song coming on. come on.
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team weather center. good morning, chuck. >> good morning everybody. you're almost halfway through a week here and already time for a big time heat wave coming our way. we made it into the 90s yesterday. that was our sixth 90-degree day of the year of the we'll have number 7 for sure today. outside, it's already plenty warm and humid. 73 in winchester at dulles and 73 ingate urs burglary. 77 in annapolis also. a very mild start to the day. current temperatures 70s, we'll be in the 80s for most of us before 9:00 a.m. this morning. getting close to 90 degrees by lunchtime. afternoon highs today, likely to be low to mid-90s areawide. not much on storm team 4 radar this morning. if you're traveling today, could have flight delays, detroit, cincinnati, chicago st. louis. be on the lookout. that cluster of thunderstorms there is diving and should stay t
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not much of a rain chance coming up today. tomorrow, at least we get back into the usual afternoon thunder shower chances. here's future weather. if we're going to have any chance for a showert will be in southern maryland, stafford, richmond, those will be the areas that might get a shower chance. northern maryland into the shenandoah valley likely to be completely dry. planning out the day for tomorrow. tomorrow at least we get back to the typical 30% chance for a thunderstorm. highs tomorrow also in the mid 90s. friday is actually going to be combination of the warmest day and i think our best chance for storms. forecasting 97 on friday. 95 saturday, turning a little bit less humid towards the second half of the weekend. but wait, there's more. coming up at 5:31, i'll give you the four things to now. 5:41, we'll talk about the peak of the heat and 5:51 our exclusive ten-day forecast. let's go over to jack taylor at wtop find out
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coming along. >> montgomery county authorities, a lot of equipment headed to the scene along cedar lane in kensington near everett street. this may have been a head-on collision. we have both travel lanes closed. it's a two-lane road. be aware of the fact that if this is in your neighborhood, you may have to reroute. rock creek parkway to the kennedy center, traffic alternates one direction at a time. they'll be working for another 40 minutes or so. this is morning number one of metro's continuous work surge number 3. blue and yellow lines shut down between braddock road and national airport. jack, thank you. a trump supporter says she was refused service because of her presidential pick. the restaurant say otherwise. why she was recently turned away. the new mdiae
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a woman in orange county new york says she was kicked out of a mexican restaurant because she
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she was wearing a mange america great again hat when she stopped into the cancun inn on sunday. she says a waitress told her and a friend they could not serve then and asked them to leave. when she went up to leave, she said the co-owner started yelling at herment. >> we don't serve trump supporters. i want you to get the hell out right now and never come back. >> i said wait, when donald trump wins, we're going to kick the mexicans out. >> the restaurant denies the story and says people have made threats against the restaurant following the incident. she and her friend plan to sue. a new deal that could make it hard to get off the couch. comcast customers will soon be able to watch netflix through their cable box. the new company says the deal should be finalized by later this year. it's likely that comcast will get a cut of each subscriber that signs up. com i
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blackberry will no longer make its classic model featuring the iconic tactile keyboard. >> blackberry, i remember that. >> they're working on releasing new software next month in an attempt to recover its brand. blackberry was an early leader in the smartphone arena. but took a big hit after apple's iphone hit the market. my mother was been resisting. she has a blackberry. the company wants to switch her to the iphone. >> it took a while to learn to type without the key pad. >> i know a few people will be no, not my blackberry. would you let a complete stranger stay in your home? the new trend helping families with sick children in the hospital. another live look outside this morning. pretty shot for you here of the district. we're off to a hot and humid start, though. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says it's going to be sweltering by the
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new details expected about the fairfax county man who lost his foot after stepping on some kind of explosive in new york's central park. what we expect to learn in a few hours. opening your heart and home. why some families are letting people they don't even know stay with them. but first, it's going to be hot.
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>> how hot? >> so hot -- it's july, it's going to be that hot. >> okay. >> 5:30 your time right now. >> good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to start with four things to know about the forecast this morning. the producer is trying to -- >> one of these days, chuck bell, we're going to get aaron to sing. he has a lovely singing voice. >> does he really? >> are you sure about that? >> all right. he tried singing while you were out on vacation earlier this week. it didn't go so well. >> what? >> skies are -- trust me on this. i can bring up the videotape. don't worry. outside we need to go for today. four things to know about the forecast. some like it hot, hot, hot and these are the days for you people. heat index up near 100 degrees with not much of a chance for rain. rain chances on thursday and friday. we'll be sweltering. be ready for a 90-degre
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today. crews are working on the rock creek park, chuck. they'll be there another half an hour. traffic volume is light but could change. this is the kennedy center. one direction at a time gets you by. one direction at a time. be aware. also, montgomery county authorities are busy in kepsing ton. sounded like a head on collision. obviously everything is closed in the area. also, this is morning number one much phase 3, metro's continuous track work. shut down between braddock road and national airplane. this is a headache especially if you're trying to get to the airport by way of the rails. thank you, jack. we should learn what kind of explosive materials seriously hurt a fairfax college student in central park in new york. the explosive materials are being analyzed in a lab. he stepped on a bag of homemade explosives on sunday and lost part of his leg. he is in serious condition. police don't believe it was left theto
5:32 am
anyone. police in fairfax county are looking for a man who robbed a bank on arlington boulevard in seven corn erps and triggered a bomb scare. the man robbed a td bank yesterday afternoon and then ran. police say as he fled, he took off his backpack and put it in front of the bank. officers evacuated several businesses in the area and called in the bomb squad. the backpack was disposed of safely, but the investigation caused huge traffic problems in the area for hours. maryland wants to save the lives of police officers by outfitting them with new body armor. governor larry hogan announced that departments across the state will receive funding that includes $1400 for the laurel police department and $1200 for police in district heights. a baltimore judge is blocking evidence ahead of a trial of brian rice, he's one of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. judge williams ruled yesterday that prosecutors cannot enter evidence about
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training. prosecutors are expected to argue that rice should have known it was again department guidelines to leave gray unbuckled in the back of that police van. gray died from a broken neck. new legal consequences for parents who allow teens to drink at their homes. any adult who hosts an underage drinking party in maryland can now be sued if and underage drinker gets hurt or hurts someone else after leaving the party. this decision comes from the court of appeals that ruled yesterday in favor of two lawsuits brought by victims of drunken driving incidents. metro offering students a discount this fall. american university stew lengths will be the first with the option to use a u-pad. the cost is about a doll harr a day. the passes allow the students to take an unlimited number of ride on trains and buses. they're being offered to graduate, undergraduate and law school students they plan to
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aging memorial bridge. the department of transportation approved a $90 million fast lane grant yesterday. we took you under the bridge last year and show you it's falling apart. the grant money would not cover all the repairs. no word on where the rest of the money might come from. you're getting extra time to pick up a bottle of wine or spirits in virginia. stores across the commonwealth will be opening one hour earlier on sunday. they're now open at noon. they'll also be open on new year's day. this is part of a new that took effect last week. three crew members are headed to the international space station today, can including one american astronaut. a soyuz rocket will carry american kate reuben, cosmonaut and the japanese astronaut. you can find their names online. several new restaurants ready to open with the expaon
5:35 am
the website says d.c.-based matchbox opens next month along with a stir-fry restaurant. a candy shop and april restaurant called the sugar factory expected to open in september. the first place to open was shake shack back in may. in case you're wondering, i think the rush han is an toll i and the japanese astronaut is -- >> that sounds perfect. >> how about that? >> now to a moving on story. moving story about strangers opening up their homes to families in needs. >> often parents have to travel to get the special care for their children. that comes with a lot of added costs, including -- they hope to raise -- find short term housing with volunteer hosts and then it buys the program. the mother says it's not what she planned but with her son's medical challenges, it's
5:36 am
than what she hoped for. >> a lot of memories for sure have been made here that we expected to make in our actual home. this is our home. >> last year alone, hospitality homes offered house to go 359 families. saving them a total of $1.24 million. what a wonderful program. beautiful. let's take a look outside. how about that. live pick you are this morning. a lot of you seeing high temperatures -- you're seeing temperatures in the 70s right now. it's going to get hotter though today. a lot hotter. a look at the what to wear forecast when we check in with meteorologist chuck bell. a mother accused of using her own baby as a weapon. how she put her newborn in harm's way to attack her boyfriend. changes are on the way again for some of you when it comes to your trash
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5:39 right now. prince george's county is listening after complaints about the one-day trash pickup program. >> the director of the program says if approved, call 311. larger trash bins will be given to homeowners between september and december. let's turn to the forecast this morning. we're only in the 07s. we're in the 70s ri
5:40 am
this morning. >> you can feel it coming, right? storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with how hot it's going to get later today. good morning, chuck. >> we'll be into the 90s once again. it will be our seventh day this year. actually shorts and t-shirts and sunglasses for today. new on the what to wear list, you know the water bottles you can strap on, i would suggest putting the water bottle on today and taking it with you. you'll need extra hydration to be heat smart today. 77 at 8:00 in the morning. we'll be in the low to mid-90s today with heat index values up near 100 degrees. now the question is, will it stay this way forever? >> the complete check of the ten-day forecast will answer the question in ten minutes. for now, let's check out route 50 with the man himself, jack taylor. >> not good. trying to get inside the beltway, after 202 towards columbia park road. authorities are arriving on scene of a crash. two-lane tc
5:41 am
it blocks half the roadway. this could become a huge delay moving inside the beltway. cedar lane at everett street, a head-on collision there. everything is blocked in the area. this is morning number one of metro's continuous work surge. blue and yellow lines closed between braddock road and national airport. back to you. thanks, jack. a mother is waking up in jail this morning accused of using her newborn son to attack another person. the disturbing allegations and how the baby is doing. that's straight ahead. how much time will someone get for poisoning a
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99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away.
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thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ brand new this morning, syria's army declares a temporary nationwide cease-fire. a similar situation happened back in february, but later fell apart. so we have to wait and s
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this new call for cease-fire is respected or so much as creates a pause in the fighting in that war-torn area. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. developing now at 5:45. oscar pistorius is headed to prison. how much the former olympian -- how much time he'll spend behind bars for the death of his girlfriend. can you hear me now? why some of you could soon be paying more for your cell phone. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. if you're going to be outside today, you need to stay hydrated and take it easy out there. heat indexes up near 100 degrees this afternoon. how long does this new heat wave stick around? i'll let you know with a ten-day forecast coming right up. today, community members in alexandria with can attend a meeting with police about a recent murder in the westover neighborhood. willett green is live in alexandria with more on the day ahead.
5:46 am
we had a chance to speak with the latest victim's mother. she and this community want answers before anyone else gets hurt or is killed. patrice hall thinks her son's murder may somehow be connected to another murder investigation that happened in this part of town. hall's death is the fourth homicide in alexandria this year. someone shot him saturday morning. witnesses heard a lot of gunfire in the area where hall was shot and it's close to the area where the police held a community -- days before. it's a chance for people to get more answers about what's being done to stop the violence. that is set for later today at 6:30. outside this rec center here in alexandria. that is the latest live from the scene here. back to you. >>
5:47 am
an atlanta woman says she's lucky to be alive. we want to warn you the pictures are difficult to look at. this woman was held for two days while her husband beat her in front much their newborn baby. her mother went to check on her and had to fight her way into the house. when she saw her daughter's injuries, she called 9-1-1. >> i went in there and i just -- i just fought him. >> i need her to be okay. i want her to be okay. i want to make sure he doesn't get out because she's terrified that he's going to get out. >> aaron, you can tell, he's being held on several charges. he threatened to take her baby away so she stayed. the man is facing charges accused of inappropriately touching children in falls church. fairfax county police arrested this man and charged him with attempted abduction. someone reported him
5:48 am
inappropriately grabbing a 4-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy monday night. this happened during a fireworks display. police also say that he appeared to be highly intoxicated. the children were not hurt. people in baton rouge, louisiana are voicing frustration after an african-american man was shot and killed by a police officer. they took to the streets on tuesday in protest a video of that shooting surfaced online. police say they responded to a call. to the man in the area with the gun who was threatening people. shortly after police arrived, they got into an altercation with alton sterling. an officer later shot and killed him. protesters say the officers use of force was not justified. >> like everybody out here, they feel hurt. they feel like they lost a brother or family of theirs. >> the shooting is still under investigation and the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave until further notice. today is the best de
5:49 am
system is absolutely totally rigged. it's rigged. >> that is donald trump in raleigh, north carolina last night going right after hillary clinton. after the fbi director decided to not recommend charges against clinton for her use of the e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. that tops our decision 2016 coverage this morning. let's go to nbc's edward lawrence now with the latest on capitol hill. edward, no charges, but the fbi director still had tough words for hillary clinton. >> exactly. very tough words for hillary clinton calling what she did with the classified material extremely careless, which is something we'll hear probably throughout the rest of the campaign here. as far as the clinton campaign, this is over. they sent out a message, a statement about the fbi investigation calling it over. hillary clinton did not public lip talk about the investigation or the decision. as far as she's concerned, it's
5:50 am
>> what about donald trump, how will his campaign capitalize on this decision? >> the republicans are hoping that this turns the tide for them. donald trump, as you heard, said the system was rigged. he also said that he questions hillary clinton's judgment. he told the crowd there in raleigh that from what he heard the fbi director say, that clinton was guilty of mishandling classified information. so, again, going to judgment, something we'll hear from the republicans for the rest of the campaign. eun? >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. edward, thank you. the municipal court in cleveland is extending its hours during the republican national convention. the court will be open until 1:00 a.m. it normally closes at 4:30 p.m. the court is expecting to deal with an increase in arrests during the convention. officials are also making claims through space and other buildings, courtrooms and jail space in the downtown justice center. there is a new way to plan play dates.
5:51 am
social media for kids. schirn can use it to make play date plans through safe environments. parents can monitor their child's activity through an integrated parent dashboard. kids can make their own play dates. whatever happened to picking up the phone? come outside and -- knock on the door? >> right. >> kids these days. >> that's why i don't have any. it's easier that way. >> yeah, okay. >> right. that's the reason. >> outside, it's going to be a reasonable good day to go outside and play a little bit. i'd suggest something that involves a cool splash of water. it's going to be a sizzler of a day. temperatures in the low to mid-70s. already upper 70s along the chesapeake bay. look at the climb of temperatures. in fact, nearly 90 degrees by 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. traveling today, thunderstorms from
5:52 am
cincinnati to have flight delays out there. our rain chances right here at home today are very close to zero. never say never to mother nature. here's the high resolution computer model to show us what little chance there is for a stray shower or two. that will be south of d.c. metro area. southern maryland, stafford, fredericksburg, a better chance that you might get a shower today. by and large, washington metro, the panhandle, not much. dry tonight. into tomorrow, things get better for rain chances tomorrow. here's 3:00 thursday afternoon with at least a cluster of thunderstorms out across parts of the shenandoah valley. that cluster of rain chances will move into the metro area tomorrow by about 5:00, 6:00 in the afternoon. not a guarantee we'll get rain in town tomorrow, but at least pay better chance than for today. better chances still for friday. what you're going to do with your afternoon, maybe going to the nationals or burs game, it's
5:53 am
a 4:00 game. it will be near 93 by 4:00 this afternoon. here's your exclusive ten-day forecast. 93 the forecasted high today. 94 tomorrow. but at least a chance for a shower or two tomorrow. best chances for rain on friday. that also may be our hottest day of the stretch with a high near 97. turning less humid by the second half of the weekend and temperatures close to average next week. let's go over to jack taylor for the route 50 check. >> we do. prince george's county check. it's not great. we'll get a look at the maps and show you the sensor. it gives you the red line inside the beltway. 50 west, the lineup begins at 410. we'll give you a live shot looking at 202. heading to the incident just before kenilworth avenue. only the left lanes getting by on a two-lane road. great stuff. also, in kensington, serious crash at everett street. everything is blocked with a head hp on collision. authorities are on scene. if this is your neighborhood and
5:54 am
that nothing is moving in the area. aaron, eun, back to you. a mother is in jail this morning after police say she used her infant son as a weapon against her boyfriend. 18-year-old tatiana allen is charged with hitting the baby's father with the child and then throwing the 5-month-old face down in the sand. this all happened in daytona beach on july 4th. witnesses called 9-1-1 saying the baby was crying and couldn't lift his head. >> the baby was screaming. it was face down in the sand. couldn't hold up his head by itself. >> i saw her pick up the baby, hold the baby like it was a bat, some sort of weapon and hit the male. >> the suspect denies using her baby as a weapon and says her boyfriend hit her. she's being held on bond now. if she's released. she cannot have contact with her child. right now oscar pistorius behind bars. the paralympian was just sentenced for murdering
5:55 am
girlfriend. >> in the rut, the sentence that i impose on the accused was a matter he owe am the officer tanned others. six years imprisonment. >> that sentence came down an hour ago. the double amputee olympic runner killed reeva steenkamp in 2013 and the legal drama has been going on since then. a couple of years ago he was acquitted of murder but found guilty of culpable homicide. that's the equivalent of plan manslaughter. he was found guilty of murder after an appeal am back to you. all right, erika, thank you. it's a tragedy that she have seen in the area. it's a growing problem around the country. today, president obama will announce he's making america's opioid and heroin epidemic a top national priority. we learned overnight that the white
5:56 am
funding to help people deal with the problems money would go towards prescription drug monitoring, new research on opioid misuse and things that would help save their life. there's a verks of the bill supporting this initiative already. good morning, i'm susan lee at cnbc head kworsers. verizon's plans are set to get more expensive. the company is rolling out new plans maybe as soon as this week with more data. so they range from small to extra, extra large which runs $110 a month for 24 gigabytes. that's versus the kurpt plan of $100 for 18 gigs. you pay a little bit more but you get more data. verizon will let customers roll over the unused data to the next month and a safety mode that removes overage fees but close down internet speeds when customers go over the data limits. with your money report, i'm susan lee.
5:57 am
a high-end beauty retailer. but a store clerk poured a toxic skin care solution into her co-workers aers water bottle last people. luz lemonfield was sentenced to ten days in jail. prosecutors say the suspect got off easy. the defense attorneys say the defendant attacked their client at a party about a week before the water bottle incident. leaving court yesterday, sophia santa cruz said the claims were all lies. it's alexandria's turn. metro safety surge protecting riders on the blue and yellow line. twooel tell you what it's all ahead coming up. the mesh thaur could come to a vote today on capitol hill. the restrictions it could put
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, we're watching your commute as a new wave of metro riders adjust to safetrack. phase 3 of the project, how it's impacting the morning rush so far. the dreams of striking it rich appear to have come to an end for now. what the mega millions jackpot is growing to this morning after no one won the jackpot. first, meteorologist chuck bell has the
6:00 am
everybody. off to a quiet start. skies are partly to mostly clear right now. a nice way to get the morning going. temperatures into the low and mid-90s and heat index values getting up close to 100 degrees. here's how you plan out the next 12 hours. temperatures in the upper 80sly lunchtime. low to mid-90s for highs later today. heat index values close to 100 degrees. drink extra water, take your shade breaks. forecasted highs today, 93 manassas. near 90 along the chesapeake bay. not much of a rain chance today. rain chances better tomorrow. more about that in ten minutes along with the beach forecast. let's go to jack taylor at wtop our traffic partner and find out more about the traffic commute. >> good morning, chuck. we've been watching this for a while. this is maryland. the john hanson highway past 202. inside kenilworth avenue. chopper 4 is there. travel lanes, both are available now.


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